EU-LIFE Environment

To demonstrate the function of the procedure in different conditions in the context of a demonstration project, the towns of Stuttgart (D), Stockach (D) and the Sewage association AZV Lamer Winkel (D) have formed a cooperation named “Europäische Kommunale Interessengemeinschaft – EKI” (European Municipal joint venture of interests) with the Austrian towns of Götzis and Feldkirch, with the Güthler Ingenieurteam as Managing Director. This joint venture has applied to the European Union for financial funds according to the Support programme LIFE-Environment. The application has been approved.

The project was concluded on 30 June 2005.

The financial support is based on a total investment of € 2.801.961 Mill of which € 1.783.710 have been acknowledged as cost eligible for funds. The EKI is granted a joint allowance of 30 % out of this.